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13 Dec

Social media puppy love

Have you fallen into the puppy-for-Christmas trap of social media? The puppy looks sweet and fun.  Sure, you’ll have to buy a few things and make a few adjustments initially.  But then he’ll fit right in with your lifestyle, right?  How much work can it really be? Well, you know you’ll need to feed him

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01 Nov

Socialface Praise – R4 Property Group

“As you would be aware running a business is a constant tussle of deciding where to spend your time effectively. Overseeing staff, managing projects and financial matters becomes all too real. In the background you are constantly trying to innovate your business, to improve, and to be relevant. Understanding social media is here to stay

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28 Oct

Socialface Praise – Excela Limited

Engaging Socialface to manage our social media was a great decision.  As a busy company with focused resources, it allowed us to keep our team looking after our clients and the business focused on it’s core objectives.  Socialface took our requirements in social media and consistently delivered, connecting with our clients and providing another tool

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28 Sep

Socialface Praise – Gizmo

“Just dropping you a note to say thanks. Working with the Socialface team has allowed me to focus on other marketing activities, knowing very well that our Facebook strategy, it’s execution and our brand is in great hands; with the team continually finding ways to grow our following and provide engaging and creative content. ”

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