Please Hold…. As we question the reason we blog

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Please Hold…. As we question the reason we blog

Of course we should blog, we’re a socialmedia agency, thought leaders in the social media for business space.

We blog to share ideas, tips, strategies,news and of course to attract new clients. We blog so when people find us on line our site is full of interestinginformation that helps people who don’t yet know us yet, be able to see that weknow our stuff. We blog becausesometimes people need to see a person or a brand multiple times in order totrust them enough to do business with – the good ‘ol psychology of buying. We blog,  because we like to share interestinginformation that may add value.  

So why are we putting our blog on hold?  

Priorities…. Back in 2011 before exclusive social mediaagencies existed and socialface was launched making us the first 100% exclusivesocial media agency in Australia. We setthe philosophies of our business plan.  

To work anywhere, anytime, whenever wewanted too. Our core value for the business – Freedom. I knew that in thefuture I hoped to have a family and when I did, I wanted the ability to be athome with my children.   Last year I was lucky enough to have a little boy. My plan worked, everythingis carrying on as always. Our clientsare still being looked after, I’m still speaking at amazing conferences, coaching inspiring businesses. So mynext question, how can I spend even more time with my family?  

So I’m putting the blog on ice for awhile. We’re at capacity with ourclients and in a very happy space. Wehave a waitlist on coaching and management clients, If you are interested inpersonal social media coaching for your business, please email  

Until then, thanks for reading and we’llsee you again soon. In the mean time,you’ll find us on facebook, twitter, linkedin and various other social mediaplatforms.  

Thanks for your support.