3 Tips to Hiring Right

Employees are an important asset to any business because they visualise your goals and link to your customers. Employees also become brand ambassadors. A healthy workforce translates to a thriving organisation, and it all starts with hiring the right team. Here are ways to do it.

Understand Your Company Culture and Needs

Even before you start the recruitment exercise, understand the company’s needs, mission, values, and individuals’ fit for the set-up. What are the mindsets you’re looking for, skills, and qualifications? Which departments do you need to fill in the human resource, and what kind of employee culture do you want to build?

If you’re going to create an energetic team, focus on hiring more outgoing individuals who thrive when working as a team. Because having the right team is not always an easy task, seek recruitment help from outsourcing companies, freeing your time to concentrate on other essential tasks.

Create Detailed Job Descriptions

The more you understand what the employees ought to be doing, the easier it will be to attract the right talent. Create detailed job descriptions for every person and department, reflect on their responsibilities, level of skills required, and experience. 

Make sure that the recruitment agency and the candidates understand the requirements even before applying for the position. 

When conducting interviews, have experienced recruiters carrying out the task even when you want to be around to supervise. Have an evaluation scorecard that grades and compares the performance of different candidates. 

You might also want to have the HR personnel and direct managers present to make the exercise more effective. Use behaviour-based interview techniques where you request the candidates to describe how they handle specific challenges, their past performance, and how they think they’ll be helpful in the current position. 

You might also want to test the candidates before hiring by requesting them to complete an assignment that requires specific skills you’re looking for. For instance, if you’re looking for a truck driver, let them drive the truck to ascertain that they have the required skills. The same goes when looking for sales representatives. Get them on the field to see how well they handle the task.

Always Look Beyond the CV

Often the best-qualified candidates on the CV may not be the right fit for the job. Make sure to understand the candidate’s ambitions, interests, hobbies, and priorities. Is their mission to work for a big company with a big salary?  If so, they might be less motivated when working in a smaller firm with a reduced paycheck.

After hiring suitable candidates, the next step is to make sure that you retain them. To do this, have an orientation program. Employees who understand their responsibilities well are more likely to enjoy their work and stay around for long. 

Pair the new employee with more experienced and friendly staff members who will coach and mentor them during the early days at the organisation. 

Also, make sure that you offer all the help needed and have an open door policy allowing the new employee to access you whenever they need help. These tips will enable you to reduce employee turnover and retain a happy, productive workforce.


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