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17 Jan

Five Facebook Resolutions for Your Social Media Strategy in 2014

Is your business’s social media strategy set for 2014?  Have you resolved to finally plan and execute a social marketing strategy in the upcoming year?  As we are in our usually helpful mode here at Socialface, we’d like to share five Facebook resolutions for 2014 to get you on the right path. Driven by Data

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15 Jan

Cool Social Media Tools to Enhance Your Business’s Social Marketing Strategy

Social media involves much more than just the big social networks.  There are also a multitude of social media marketing tools which help you manage your social channels, schedule your social posts, enhance your photos and videos, track the performance of your social networks and much more.  Like the ever-changing landscape of social marketing, there

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14 Jan

You Won’t Believe What’s Happening in the Social Media News These Days!

Social media robots from Google, Internet-free Twitter, social advertising not on a social network: Reading that may have you thinking we made up our latest social media news.  Honestly, we might think the same if we saw these topics come across our news feed.  However, these social marketing updates are completely real and definitely have

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31 Dec

Don’t Make These Social Media Marketing Mistakes in 2014

Want to grow your business’s social media reach and increase your social marketing ROI?  Well, we have a few tips to help you do just that.  However, the social media tips we will share in this post are not on what your brand should do.  Instead, we’ll show you which mistakes you want to avoid

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23 Dec

6 Social Media Management Items to Seriously Consider Before Taking Your Holidays

One of the things that just about every business experiences is that feeling of heady excitement that comes just before that long-awaited holiday vacation. You can feel yourself down-shifting gears and beginning to ‘coast’ towards that ‘finish line’, as that monumental weekend approaches. Freedom, at last! But before you leave for the holiday festivities, you

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19 Dec

How to Create an Effective LinkedIn Company Page in Five Steps

Does your LinkedIn Company Page resemble a boring company brochure?  Are you taking advantage of all the features this social network offers your business?  We’re going to share five steps for turning your company page into an effective social media tool for your business. Cheap Imitation Are you copying and pasting your company’s website content

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17 Dec

Capturing the Mobile Consumer with a Mobile Social Media Marketing Strategy

Does your business have a social media marketing strategy that addresses the growing target audience of mobile consumers?  Many businesses do not think of how they can reach this growing segment of prospects and customers.  We’re going to provide the information you’ll need to start capturing the mobile consumer with a mobile social media marketing

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12 Dec

Snap Up These SnapChat Tips to Grow Your Brand’s Social Media Offerings

Looking for a new item to add to your social media strategy toolbox?  Have you thought about using Snapchat as part of your social marketing plan?  If your target audience includes the younger demographic, then you better stop thinking about it and start using Snapchat.  We’re going to show you how. Quick Snapshot Snapchat is

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11 Dec

Drop Everything Right Now…Another Round of Social Media News is Here

Ready for your weekly dose of social media news with new social network features your business can start putting into action?  Below, we’ve got some juicy tidbits of information about Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine.  So if you are ready to increase your social marketing expertise, then pull up a chair and get started.

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04 Dec

Six Superb Google+ Tips to Increase Your Google Plus Expertise

Do you want to improve your Google+ for business expertise?  Are you looking for new ways to engage your Google Plus social media users and grow your brand’s presence on the social network?  We’re going to share six tips to get you started. Start on the Sidelines According to a report mentioned in a recent

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28 Nov

Your Businesses Guide for Acquiring Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers

Does part of your social media strategy focus on growing your social network community.  Acquiring Facebook fans and Twitter followers is not rocket science.  However, many brands don’t spend the energy and effort on a consistent basis to grow their fans and followers.  We’re going to share some real-world, action-oriented tips to help your brand

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