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04 Dec

Six Superb Google+ Tips to Increase Your Google Plus Expertise

Do you want to improve your Google+ for business expertise?  Are you looking for new ways to engage your Google Plus social media users and grow your brand’s presence on the social network?  We’re going to share six tips to get you started. Start on the Sidelines According to a report mentioned in a recent

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28 Nov

Your Businesses Guide for Acquiring Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers

Does part of your social media strategy focus on growing your social network community.  Acquiring Facebook fans and Twitter followers is not rocket science.  However, many brands don’t spend the energy and effort on a consistent basis to grow their fans and followers.  We’re going to share some real-world, action-oriented tips to help your brand

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19 Nov

Take the Time to Get to Know Twitter Custom Timelines Today

Have you heard about Twitter custom timelines?  If not, then now is your opportunity.  This new social media marketing tool is going to give businesses creative new ways to reach their social network community.  We’re going to show you how. New on the Scene Recently, Twitter shared a new feature – the ability to create

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15 Nov

Focus on Facebook Ads Using the Following Three Tips for Your Business

Unsure about incorporating Facebook ads in your business’s social media marketing strategy?  If your business hasn’t used any paid social media tools, then it can often be intimidating when you decide to make that plunge.  Our Facebook advertising tips are going to give your business the confidence to jump directly into the deep end of

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14 Nov

Failure on Instagram is Impossible if Your Business Follows These Five Tips

Is Instagram a major part of your social media strategy?  Instagram for business – depending on your target audience of course – can provide your brand with a fantastic opportunity for connecting and engaging with prospects and customers.  Follow our five tips for using Instagram and failure to succeed on the photo-sharing social network will

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07 Nov

Five Unforgivable Social Media Mistakes to Avoid at All Cost

Looking for social marketing tips to help grow your business?  Here’s something a little different.  Here are five unforgivable social media mistakes to avoid at all costs.  If you don’t heed our advice, then you’ll need more than a few social media marketing tips to get your business’s social strategy back on track. Putting On

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30 Oct

Beef Up Your Blog Content with the Help of Social Media

Having trouble coming up with content for your business’s blog?  Looking for simple solutions to create and curate content quickly?  Well, with the help of social media and the following tips, you’ll never have to stress about your blog content again. Old News We’re not here to argue whether or not blogging for business is

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