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09 May

Social Media for Small Business in 2017

In 2013 people questioned if they needed social media for their business… in 2017 the late adapters are rushing in fast.  Social Media for small business is more important than ever.  It’s not what platforms you are using, it’s how you differentiate your business.  Social Media today is noisy, people have limited tolerance.  If you’re

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Please Hold…. As we question the reason we blog
20 Aug

Please Hold…. As we question the reason we blog

Of course we should blog, we’re a social media agency, thought leaders in the social media for business space. We blog to share ideas, tips, strategies,news and of course to attract new clients. We blog so when people find us on line our site is full of interesting information that helps people who don’t yet know

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Latest Social Media News
26 Mar

Up Your Social Marketing Game with the Latest Social Media News

Ready to up your social marketing game?  Our social media news is the place to start.  In our latest edition of our social network news, you will find the latest features, updates and information to drive real business results with your social marketing strategy. Facebook Product Ads Looking for a more effective way to promote

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Social Media Marketing Strategies
18 Mar

6 Social Media Marketing Strategies You Should Implement Now

Need new social media marketing strategies for your business’s social networks?  Below, you’ll find six strategies you should start using right now to increase your social marketing ROI and see real business results.  So, if you are ready to turbocharge your social media, let’s get you started. Forgo Facebook Photo Posts Do you still rely

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Give Your Facebook Fan Page a Makeover for Better Business Results
11 Mar

Give Your Facebook Fan Page a Makeover for Better Business Results

Are you optimising your Facebook fan page to deliver better business results?  Your Facebook for business page can help your company capture leads and drive sales if it is optimised correctly to do so.  Below are five simple steps to give your Facebook fan page a makeover that will deliver real business outcomes. Choose Category

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Instagram Strategy
08 Mar

Say Cheese: Perfecting Your Instagram Strategy

Though it’s only been around for a little more than four years, Instagram boasts 300 million monthly active users who snap and post millions of photos on a daily basis. Beyond friends and family, users can follow brands for behind-the-scenes peeks at products, company news, and other relevant content. Instagram is a smart, unique way

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Blog Content Ideas
24 Feb

How To Come Up with Blog Content Ideas that Engage and Inspire your Readers

Does your business’s blog need a serious content makeover?  Are you looking for fresh, new content ideas to engage your blog readers?  Today’s post offers blog content tips that will help you come up with content ideas which will improve your blogging for business social marketing strategy ROI. Social Surveys Deliver Want to write valuable

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Facebook Videos to Achieve Social Media Success
19 Feb

How to Use Facebook Videos to Achieve Social Media Success

Has your business jumped headfirst in the Facebook video social marketing pool yet?  With recent news shared by AdWeek that Facebook is tops – not YouTube – for Internet users to share videos online, the social network’s introduction of a fan page featured video just under the About tab and Facebook putting an emphasis on

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Marketing Insights
09 Feb

Discover How Your Social Networks Deliver Sales and Marketing Insights

Your social networks, fans and followers offer an unlimited source of marketing insights which your business can turn into real business outcomes.  Do you know how to tap into this social marketing treasure trove?  Below, you’ll find a few tips to get you on the right patch to using social media to discover sales and

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Facebook Mobile Marketing
02 Feb

5 Tips for Your 2015 Facebook Mobile Marketing Strategy

Do you have a Facebook mobile marketing strategy for 2015?  If your business is not using mobile social media marketing to connect with customers and drive sales, then you are quickly losing ground to your competitors.  The following five tips for Facebook mobile marketing will get you on the right path. Facebook Mobile User Growth

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Six Valentine’s Day Social Marketing Tips
28 Jan

Six Valentine’s Day Social Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business in February

Looking for Valentine’s Day social marketing tips to help your business engage with your social network community and see sales results from your efforts?  Our latest blog post shares tips for piggy-backing on this romantic holiday.  February 14th is just around the corner so start implementing these social media marketing tips for Valentine’s Day soon!

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Instagram marketing tips
20 Jan

Six Savvy Instagram Marketing Tips for Your 2015 Social Media Strategy

Is your Instagram marketing ready to reach new heights in 2015?  The photo-sharing social network is a must-add to your business’s 2015 social media strategy.  Our six tips for Instagram will ensure you see real business outcomes with your social marketing efforts.   Leverage Social Networks Does your Instagram marketing exist all alone out on

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Five Facebook Ads Tips to Drive Real Business Results in 2015
13 Jan

Five Facebook Ads Tips to Drive Real Business Results in 2015

Is your Facebook Ad strategy in place for 2015?  Is your business ready for a reduced Facebook organic reach in the new year?  Here are five Facebook advertising tips to add to your social media strategy in order to see real business results in 2015. Facebook Drives Sales The new Facebook algorithm update is sure

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