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Blog Content Ideas
24 Feb

How To Come Up with Blog Content Ideas that Engage and Inspire your Readers

Does your business’s blog need a serious content makeover?  Are you looking for fresh, new content ideas to engage your blog readers?  Today’s post offers blog content tips that will help you come up with content ideas which will improve your blogging for business social marketing strategy ROI. Social Surveys Deliver Want to write valuable

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Marketing Insights
09 Feb

Discover How Your Social Networks Deliver Sales and Marketing Insights

Your social networks, fans and followers offer an unlimited source of marketing insights which your business can turn into real business outcomes.  Do you know how to tap into this social marketing treasure trove?  Below, you’ll find a few tips to get you on the right patch to using social media to discover sales and

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Six Valentine’s Day Social Marketing Tips
28 Jan

Six Valentine’s Day Social Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business in February

Looking for Valentine’s Day social marketing tips to help your business engage with your social network community and see sales results from your efforts?  Our latest blog post shares tips for piggy-backing on this romantic holiday.  February 14th is just around the corner so start implementing these social media marketing tips for Valentine’s Day soon!

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27 Jul

How to Create Blog Posts that Improve Social Marketing Results

Do you use blog posts as part of your social media marketing strategy?  Are you creating blog content that helps improve your social marketing ROI?  Implement the following blogging for business tips to increase your social marketing results and engage your social network community. First Impressions Count Optimising your blog posts starts with writing an

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30 Oct

Beef Up Your Blog Content with the Help of Social Media

Having trouble coming up with content for your business’s blog?  Looking for simple solutions to create and curate content quickly?  Well, with the help of social media and the following tips, you’ll never have to stress about your blog content again. Old News We’re not here to argue whether or not blogging for business is

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07 Mar

Time to the Face the Facts – Blogs are Social Media Marketing

Blogging often gets left out of the mix when it comes to a business’s social media marketing strategy.  You’ll find brands fussing over finding resources to pour into their Facebook for business page, the Twitter account, Pinterest boards, Google+ and other social networks.  But for some odd reason, blogs are often an afterthought when it

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Successful blogging for business
23 Feb

The secret of successful blogging for your business

Last month, we tackled the big, bold predictions about what will be big in social media for business this year. Right up there among our favourite predictions for 2012 was that businesses – big and small – will increasingly get into publishing. That’s right: publishing. Many businesses have already embraced content marketing.  They develop their

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