Eliminating Distraction From Your Workspace

There are few things more crucial to your motivation and productivity with your work than the space that you’re working in. The wrong environment can influence you in all the wrong ways, and distractions or annoyances are some of the easiest ways to completely decimate any hopes of a productive day. Here, we’re going to look at how to solve distractions in the workplace, from the obvious to the decidedly less so.

Leaks in your environment

It’s best to ensure that your work environment is as separate from your home-life environment as it can be. For that reason, whether it’s a whole room or a specific corner of a room, you need to have an area designed to be a home office. Then you need to make sure that it’s not constantly under siege from sights and sounds outside of it. This can mean, for instance, sound proofing the room, but usually, it means setting boundaries with others living with you so that they don’t distract you without cause.

Office discomfort

If you’re experiencing back pain or eyestrain, that can be as much of a distraction as anything else. A good ergonomic chair combined with breaks from sitting down all day can drastically decrease the risk of RSIs and back pain. Meanwhile, if you’re experiencing eyestrain, make sure you’re wearing any glasses you might need and if you need a more comfortable pair of work frames, you can find it here. Otherwise, ensure your work station is well lit so that your eyes aren’t solely dealing 

The cost of clutter

A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind. Not only does unnecessary clutter make it harder to find specific resources when you need them, but it has also shown to be a real cause of stress. Take the time to look over your work desk and ask how many of the items on there you need access to on a regular basis. Can some of them be shelved or put in a drawer? Whatever remains, can you use a desk tidy to make sure they are at least organised and not always in your peripheral vision like a sore thumb?

The digital distractions

Working on a computer, especially connected to the internet, is as much a risk of distraction as anything else. Usually, when you start on a particular action, you might find it easy to complete, but it’s the gaps between different processes that lead to the big risks of lost time. If you find this happening to you, perhaps you should use an internet activity tracker to see which sites take up most of your time during work hours, then use apps that can block those sites at specific times of day.

It can be difficult to free the workday of any distraction entirely. If you find yourself getting tired out, it’s best to take a bit of a break let distractions hold your attention for some time. However, when it comes time to get to work, you need to be able to put your back into it.

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