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15 Jan

Cool Social Media Tools to Enhance Your Business’s Social Marketing Strategy

Social media involves much more than just the big social networks.  There are also a multitude of social media marketing tools which help you manage your social channels, schedule your social posts, enhance your photos and videos, track the performance of your social networks and much more.  Like the ever-changing landscape of social marketing, there

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11 Dec

Drop Everything Right Now…Another Round of Social Media News is Here

Ready for your weekly dose of social media news with new social network features your business can start putting into action?  Below, we’ve got some juicy tidbits of information about Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine.  So if you are ready to increase your social marketing expertise, then pull up a chair and get started.

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28 Nov

Your Businesses Guide for Acquiring Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers

Does part of your social media strategy focus on growing your social network community.  Acquiring Facebook fans and Twitter followers is not rocket science.  However, many brands don’t spend the energy and effort on a consistent basis to grow their fans and followers.  We’re going to share some real-world, action-oriented tips to help your brand

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15 Nov

Focus on Facebook Ads Using the Following Three Tips for Your Business

Unsure about incorporating Facebook ads in your business’s social media marketing strategy?  If your business hasn’t used any paid social media tools, then it can often be intimidating when you decide to make that plunge.  Our Facebook advertising tips are going to give your business the confidence to jump directly into the deep end of

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10 Oct

Facebook Strikes Again with New Rules for Facebook Promotions and Contests

Has your business been running Facebook contests using a third-party app?  Well, that’s no longer a necessity due to the social network’s terms of use policy.  Facebook recently relaxed their rules and now allows businesses and Page admins to hold promotions and contests in their news feed. Not Always Appropriate Here’s some helpful advice for

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23 Jul

Four Fundamental Business Strategies for Your Facebook Fan Page

Want to hear a social media marketing secret?  There really is no secret when it comes to creating and managing a successful Facebook for business page.  In fact, you most likely are practicing successful social networking strategies right now in your offline business.  Here’s four fundamental business strategies and how you can apply them to

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16 Apr

How to Increase Your Facebook Mobile Advertising Success

Is your business considering Facebook mobile advertising to increase brand awareness and sales?  Setting aside part of your social media marketing budget for Facebook mobile ads is a smart decision.  Here’s a few tips to ensure your choice to advertise on this social network delivers a good ROI and meets your company’s benchmarks. Going Mobile

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09 Apr

Fine Tune Your Facebook for Business Page in Five Steps

Have you taken the time to stop the social media posts, take a deep breath and review your Facebook for business page recently?  Many of us get so caught up sharing engaging content, reviewing our Facebook Insights and counting our social network fans, that we ignore the little things on our business’s Timeline page that

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