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12 Mar

Stop Whining and Start Using Facebook Promoted Posts to Grow Your Business

Discussing Facebook promoted posts in public can incite angry arguments and possibly even fist-fights among best friends.  Why are people so easily angered when it comes to this social media marketing tool for Facebook for business pages?  Rumours and misunderstandings seem to be the root cause.  We’ll clear that up and share some tips for using

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05 Mar

Four Facebook Ad Mistakes to Guarantee You Ad Campaign Fails Miserably

Thinking of setting up a Facebook ad campaign to drive social network users to your website or Facebook for business Timeline page?  If so, avoid these five mistakes many businesses make when advertising on Facebook.  Seriously, don’t do these five things, or you might as well just send your social media advertising dollars to that

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12 Feb

Six Sure-Fire Steps for See More Likes on Your Facebook for Business Page

Is your Facebook for business page feeling a little lonely these days?  Does your social network community feel more like a social media ghost town?  Without an active, engaged group of fans, your business’s Facebook page is doing your brand absolutely no good.  That’s why I’m going to share six sure-fire steps that will boost

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05 Feb

Ignore Facebook for Business Changes at Your Own Peril

Facebook for business and the overall social media landscape underwent many changes over the past year.  For businesses using social media marketing, keeping up with these changes can do more than drive them crazy.  If your brand ignores the changes Facebook for business implements, then it could drive your fans and customers to your competition. 

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29 Jan

Four Must-Have Facebook Timeline Page Tab Apps for Your Business

Facebook apps for business pages come in all shapes and sizes. There are apps for your Twitter feeds, YouTube videos, apps to share your blog posts, coupon apps, contest apps and many, many more. Not all Facebook tab apps are worth the trouble of adding them to your social media marketing strategy. Let’s just spend

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25 Jan

Grab Your Graph Search Social Network Customers with These Top Tips

Are you ready for a Facebook for business strategy that will deliver ready-made customers to your virtual and physical front door?  Would you be excited to know that you can fill your local business full of individuals that showed up, not because of expensive advertising but instead, from recommendations from their friends?  Strap on your

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24 Jan

Facebook Graph Search Promises Big Benefits for Businesses

Facebook’s big reveal is now revealed!  In case you’ve been living in the most unsociable corner of the Internet, you must have heard a thing or two about Facebook Graph Search by now.  However, if you are like many small business owners, you probably don’t have a clear understanding how this new social network search

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22 Jan

How to Drive Your Facebook for Business Fans Away in Droves

Social media marketers will gladly tell you how to create engaging content for your Facebook for business page.  They’ll run through a list of the same old tactics that each and every business on social media has heard hundreds, if not thousands, of times.  And don’t get me wrong, those are important.  But why don’t

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17 Jan

Moving Pictures are Moving Social Media Users Towards Engaging Actions

Want a hot social media marketing tip for 2013?  Want to know how to grow and engage your Facebook for business followers, B2B leads on LinkedIn, turn your powerpoint presentations into powerful social networking content?  Take my advice and start focusing your social marketing efforts on video. Moving Pictures If a picture is worth a

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16 Jan

Facebook releases Graph Search

For years facebook has been sitting on one of the most detailed personal search platforms in the world, they know pretty much everything you tell it. How much have you told facebook? Most of us will share more than usual, because it’s easy.  A song you like pop’s up, we like it. A business or

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15 Jan

Keep your covers on – Changes to Facebook Timeline Rules

Are you ready for the changes around your facebook timeline cover image? Until January 15th,2013  there have been guidelines around what can be included in your facebook cover image. Some of the previous items included websites, phone numbers and asking people to “like your page” in the artwork of your cover image. Now, it’s a

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11 Jan

Social Media Content Strategies to Kickstart the New Year

Businesses in Australia looking for social media marketing content tips to improve their social networking and reach more Australian consumers in 2013 have come to the right place.  Well, you’ve started reading the right blog post.  Below, I’ll share four social media content strategies to help you kickstart the new year and boost your social

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09 Jan

Improve Your Facebook for Business Page in 2013 with These Three Tips

Is your Facebook for business ready for a successful 2013?  Will you improve your social media marketing efforts and continue on an upward trend?  Worse yet, will your business’s Facebook strategy stagnate and even decline as you continue to go through the motions with your social marketing? Now’s the Time In Australia and around the

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13 Nov

The Engagement Rules – Nurture the Relationship or Watch it Wilt

Your brand has thousands of Facebook fans and even more Twitter followers.  That is great.  Well, actually it may not be that great after all.  You see, it really doesn’t matter if you have thousands of social media users who are a part of your online community if you aren’t engaging with them in a

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