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06 Mar

6 reasons to outsource your Facebook business page

Why did you get into your business? We know why. You’re skilled at what you do.  You’re passionate about what you do. Does this mean you should be doing everything yourself? Absolutely not.  We all know the key to a successful business is doing what you do well and delegating the rest to people who

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Why Facebook courtesy makes good business sense
16 Feb

4 reasons why Facebook courtesy makes good business sense

You’re browsing Facebook late one night.  Suddenly you laugh out loud. This is it, you mentally exclaim.  I have to share this image on my business page.   Stop!  Hold that thought! Would you be frustrated if someone took credit for your hard work, creativity, knowledge and effort? Of course. What about if someone sees

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Facebook advertising clicks
10 Feb

3 reasons your Facebook ads get few clicks

It’s finally evening.  A long day at work is behind you.  You’ve made it to the couch.  Time to catch your favourite program on the box. Bliss… but then boom: commercials. Maybe you tune in to one or two ads that interest you.  Maybe you take the ads as your cue to sneak out to

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02 Feb

Why use Facebook advertising for your business?

While you’ve been thinking about your digital strategy for this year, have you considered advertising on Facebook? Unlike traditional media like newspapers, radio and television, Facebook advertising can be tightly targeted for your potential audience, offers surprising flexibility, and provides good data on reach and effectiveness. We’ve pulled together three articles on why Facebook advertising

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17 Jan

3 myths stopping you from getting your business on Facebook

The new year is upon us.  You’re looking at the year ahead for your small business and we know you have a few resolutions in mind.   Is taking on the social media behemoth among them? It looks large, ugly and complex.  Where do you start?  What do you say?  How do you keep it up

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13 Dec

Social media puppy love

Have you fallen into the puppy-for-Christmas trap of social media? The puppy looks sweet and fun.  Sure, you’ll have to buy a few things and make a few adjustments initially.  But then he’ll fit right in with your lifestyle, right?  How much work can it really be? Well, you know you’ll need to feed him

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