Five Tried and True Tactics to Get Your Social Network Community Talking

Are you getting the silent treatment from your Facebook for business fans?  Has your social network community been giving your business the cold shoulder lately?  That can’t be good for any brand’s sell-esteem.  And because we don’t want you abandoning your business’s Facebook Timeline the way your fans seemingly have, we’re going to share five tried and true tips to add to your social media strategy which will engage and activate your Facebook fans.

See You Later

The Questions product for Pages will be one of the Facebook products soon to  thing get the hook.  This brings us to tip number one – and its a obvious but often ignored one.  If you want to get your fans talking, ask them interesting questions.  Try posting a photo of two objects and then asking an either/or question.  Yes/no questions also work well.

Making News

Your business doesn’t have to make the news to get noticed.  All you have to do is notice what is hot in the news and then piggyback on the subject.  Perhaps you run a business that sells exercise products.  If you see a news story discussing a study about how exercise helps reduce the risk factors for a health-related issue, turn to your social media channels, start sharing and start the discussion with your fans.

The Winner Is

One sure-fire way to boost your Facebook for business page a boost and get your Facebook fans talking is to promise them a prize for doing so.  Contests are hugely popular with social network communities.  But always remember, your business must abide by Facebook’s Promotion Guidelines – not doing so is not worth the risk.

Short and Sweet

If you want more Facebook post engagement, then your business needs to stop sharing novel-sized content posts.  Call it the Twitter effect or anything else you wish to call it, but your fans will comment, like and share your posts more often if they are short.  A goal to shoot for is to create posts of 100 – 140 characters which usually goes no longer than 3 lines.

Timing is Everything

If you social media marketing strategy does not include reviewing your Facebook Insights data, then you need a new strategy.  Review your data and see what times of day your posts receive the most engagement.  This varies for each business as each target audience interacts and engages with brands differently.  If you know what times of day and days of the week your Facebook fans are more likely to talk back to you, then you can focus your time and energy on creating valuable content at those times.

How do you get your Facebook fans talking and engaging with your business’s content?  Tell us your tips in the comments below.


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