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11 Jan

Social Media Content Strategies to Kickstart the New Year

Businesses in Australia looking for social media marketing content tips to improve their social networking and reach more Australian consumers in 2013 have come to the right place.  Well, you’ve started reading the right blog post.  Below, I’ll share four social media content strategies to help you kickstart the new year and boost your social

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19 Dec

Gather Around and Get to Know Google+ Groups

Google+ is still flying beneath the radar when it comes to many business’s social media marketing plans.  Yes, it is hard to believe that with the company’s tight grip on the online and offline world that the Google giant could ever hide in plain sight.  But with this social networking channel, that seems to be

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13 Nov

The Engagement Rules – Nurture the Relationship or Watch it Wilt

Your brand has thousands of Facebook fans and even more Twitter followers.  That is great.  Well, actually it may not be that great after all.  You see, it really doesn’t matter if you have thousands of social media users who are a part of your online community if you aren’t engaging with them in a

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24 Oct

How Google+ Can Generate Leads and Grow Your Business

Google+ continues to be that one social network businesses and brands are not so sure about.  I am often asked by owners if it is worth the effort to include this network in their social media strategy.  While it is true that Google+ continues to lag behind Facebook and Twitter in terms of users, I

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26 Jan

Why are Google+ pages good news for your business?

Late in 2011, Google rolled out ‘pages’ for its Google+ social network.  Your business can now have its own brand page on Google+ ‘page’ just as it does on Facebook. Why are Google+ pages good for your business?  We’ve pulled together three of the best articles just for you. But first Many of you won’t

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