Grab Your Graph Search Social Network Customers with These Top Tips

Are you ready for a Facebook for business strategy that will deliver ready-made customers to your virtual and physical front door?  Would you be excited to know that you can fill your local business full of individuals that showed up, not because of expensive advertising but instead, from recommendations from their friends?  Strap on your learning hat and let’s take a look at the actions steps you can take to ensure your business is found by Facebook Graph Search.

 Nuts and Bolts

The new feature introduced by the world’s largest social network was not really a huge surprise for most social media marketers.  There were rumblings and rumors about a possible, personalised search and Facebook taking a stab at Google for a while.  Now, rumors have become reality and businesses should be foaming at the mouth to get their paws on Facebook Graph Search.

Boost Your Business

What’s in it for your business?  How will it boost your business’s bottom line?  I’m glad you asked.  In fact, we’ve already touched on that subject with our blog post sharing how Facebook’s Graph Search promises big benefits for your business.  Now, I’m going to give you some steps to give you and edge on your competition and get you social search ready.

 Claim Your Spot

Local businesses need to use Facebook Places and claim their location.  Much of Graph Search is based around location so following this tip is a must.  Make it a point to ask your social network community to check-in whenever they visit your physical location.  You should also look at running a few check-in deals to encourage more Facebook users to check-in.

Get It Right

When was the last time you clicked on “Update Info” and reviewed the information in this section of your Facebook for business page?  After reading this post, check yours to make sure your business’s information is correct and all fields are complete.  I also want you to go one step beyond that step and sprinkle this section with keywords related to your business and location.

Become Photogenic

It is now more important than ever to take advantage of photos and photo tagging.  When you upload photos (and for ones already uploaded), you need to tag those photos with the locations (think business address), dates and names (employees, customers, Facebook for business page name).  Don’t neglect the description content either.  Add keywords, business name, address, etc. to this area as well.

Follow the Rules

With Facebook Graph Search, “Likes” for your social marketing content and page are more important than ever.  Continue to follow the rules of engagement and best practices when it comes to your social network content.  And if you need help with social content, now is the time to look at hiring a top-notch social media agency to give you business a competitive edge.

 Want to learn more about this new Facebook feature?  Ask us in the comments below.

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