How To Successfully Market Your Next Trade Event

For small businesses, trade shows are great because they are an excellent opportunity to spread the word about your business and reach out to new and prospective clients. There will, however, be hundreds, if not thousands, of other companies at trade shows that will also want their moment in the spotlight. If you’re a trade show beginner, or looking for ways to draw more buyers to your stand, take a look at these amazing marketing tactics that will make your company stand out at a trade show.

Give people incentive to visit your stand

So you’re showcasing at a trade show – so what? Using this attitude will help you find ways to give new, existing, and potential customers incentive to come and visit your stand. People love getting something for nothing, and simply visiting your stand at a trade show is a great way of alluring people in. Here are some great ideas on how to do that:

  • Bring a friend to our booth and collect points on your loyalty card.
  • Share our post and when you visit our stand, we will give you a free cup of coffee.
  • Come and find our stand for a money off voucher on your next purchase.

For maximum effect, you should advertise this on social media and email marketing. Remember to kindly reward returning clients, as this will keep them coming back over and over again.

Announce your attendance

It’s important to make your presence well known if this is your first appearance at a trade show – or that particular trade show. Talk about your attendance, and use your time in the weeks leading up to the trade show. To generate excitement, you could snap photos or videos of products showing on your stand and have ‘sneak peeks,’ or you could capture short interviews with staff members about what they’re most excited about at the trade show. Hiring help with your marketing through event marketing specialists such as will help drive interest to your attendance. With your hall and booth number, along with any other details, you should also post on social media so that people know where to find you. Doing this helps generate a buzz about your stand and, in general, the trade show.

Find unusual merchandise

You’ll find that almost every trade show stand will give away some kind of merchandise, such as pens and lanyards, but is that really what people want? Think about the market in which you are and build unusual yet enticing items to help get customers to your booth. Why not make protective clothing with your logo on it to give away, for example, instead of offering a mug? This may be a beanie hat or a reflective vest, and customers are more likely to find this helpful and, most importantly, for months well after the trade show has ended, remember your brand name.

With these tips, your next trade show will go off without a hitch, and you’ll reap the benefits sooner rather than later!


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