Keeping Your Workplace And Business Inspiring: How You Can Do It

Working for yourself or running a business is often a dream and ambition that many people have. They want to be at the top of their game, inspire people, work hard and make money in the process. The business could have been a dream from an idea you once had many years ago. Something you have worked on and nurtured for some time. But then running a business simply may have been an ambition where you started at the bottom and worked your way up the career ladder to get where you are today. Whatever the situation you find yourself in, many of you will be able to agree that your job, your business and your responsibility is a big chunk of your life. After all, you spend many hours of the day doing what you do. 

Inspiration is important. It is essential for you to be in the workplace and feel motivated to do your job. You want to feel inspired, successful, happy and engaged and above else motivated to keep doing what you are doing. Your business and your workplace can either have a positive influence on this, or it can be negative where it brings you down. It doesn’t have to be this way. It is possible to create an inspiring workplace and business that not only keeps you motivated but also works wonders with colleagues, employees and your customers. If this sounds like something you want to implement in your business or workplace then read on to find out how you could do it. 

Start with where you work

One of the first things to consider would be the place where you work. This can be different for everyone. You may have a shop or office that you work from. It might be that you work from your home or even travel around a lot in your car visiting customers and clients. Your workspace, whatever it looks like, has the power to be inspiring and to help you feel motivated. It is one of the easiest places to start with so here are some suggestions on what you can do with where you work to help it stay inspirational and motivational for you and anyone that works with you. 

Keep it clean

It may sound obvious but a clean and tidy space can help with your mind. We know this from our homes and having them stay clean and tidy will help with a tidy mindset so apply the same principle to your workplace or the workspace you work from if that is at home. You can easily get some cleaning supplies ordered and do it yourself. Wiping down desks and surfaces and keeping the floors clean. Right now with the current situation you may be implementing more scrutinised cleaning schedules anyway to keep you, employees and customers safe as we enter out of the lockdown period. You could also hire cleaners if you wanted to keep regularity to it. A clean space is motivational and inspiring as it helps you to stay focused on the task in hand.

Think about your workspace

Another thing that you focus on more specifically is your own individual workspace. If you work from a desk then making sure you have everything it is that you need will help you to stay focused and accountable. You might also want to think about having inspiring quotes, motivational things and even pictures of loved ones. These small things can help you to stay focused on the reasons why you may be working so hard. It can also be a great reminder of any long term goals that you might have when it comes to ambitions for your working life or your business. 

The people around you 

You can’t be the sole motivator of the people you have around you. There is an element of needing to be responsible for your own actions and the way that you feel. However, it is possible to be a positive influence on them. We all know how good it feels to be around people that make us feel happy and good about ourselves. As a business owner, and a manager, you may have a team of people that look up to you and therefore need that reassurance and inspiration from you. It is important that you do this as keeping your team inspired can help you to see success within your business. This might be in communications with them, it might be within meetings or just simply encouraging them and praise when there is a job well done. 

Keep clutter to a minimum

Where you work is vitally important and your surrounding areas can have a positive impact on how you feel, so if everywhere is cluttered then this can have a negative impact on your work rate and focus. So it might be time to think about getting rid of it and seeing the difference it can make. Too many books on shelves, too many papers lying around, it can be a big distraction and therefore affect your work rate. We know clutter affects us at home, and it might be that if you work from home that your business and job can take over a little. Streamline your work area and do what you can to keep clutter to a minimum. 

Image source – Pixabay – CC0 License 

What about your communications 

It is important for you to do what you can to keep your communications positive and also inspiring. This might be communications that you have at home, especially after a tough day in work. It might be communications that you have between yourself and your employees or people that you outsource to. It may even be the communications that you have with your staff and employees. On the phone, in meetings or face to face. Keeping these communications inspiring with the words that you use, your body language and how you conduct yourself can make a big difference to the working day, your output and the focus and concentration of the people around you. There are two ways that you can make sure your communications are inspiring. Here are the suggestions. 

The people you work with 

Many businesses or managers will have a team of people working for them. But even if you only have a small amount of people you are responsible for it is important that you keep the working environment positive, motivational and inspiring. With people you work with, there are a few different ways that you can do it. You might need to think about how you speak, the words you use and how you react in situations. You may have regular meetings discussing sales or tricky topics, and it is important to understand that while you may need to highlight difficult things, criticism and advice, you also need to ensure that at the end of any discussion that has been negative it ends on a positive note. Inspiration can come in many different ways from your body language to the words that you use, so take time to assert yourself in the right way to get the best results out of your team. 

The way your business communicates 

Finally, the way your business communicates to the outside world can also be a positive and inspirational way. After all, the wise saying that people buy from people stands today, whether online or not. Using social media as a way of sharing content and speaking directly to your customers is a great way to inspire others. You can come up with a content strategy that includes inspirational as well as sales driven content that you can share regularly. 

Let’s hope these tips help you when it comes to keeping your workplace and business inspiring. 


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