Personalising Your Approach On Social Media

One of the benefits of social media is that it allows you to reach out to a wider audience that pretty much any other online platform. However, when you’re communicating to such a wide audience, it can sometimes be easy to lose the individual along the way. Having a personal connection with your customers and clients can be key to your brand’s success and it’s not impossible to do it even in the often-anonymous world of social media. 

Aim for the best possible interactions

You can’t always know who you are directly responding to on social media. When you can’t look at them as individuals, you can look at them as experiences and interactions. Even if the platform is somewhat anonymous, there are still individuals behind those usernames and profile pictures and their view of the company will be shaped by the experiences you create with them. As such, it’s important to always follow the golden rules for customer interactions. This includes a need to respond to each one of them, a serious approach to their needs, acting with graciousness and kindness, and always making promises that you can keep your end of. You can’t control how every customer will respond on social media but you can’t make sure you’re doing your all to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

Do what you can to know them

One of the big benefits of gathering data on your customers is that you can connect the dots, discovering someone’s identity based on what information you already have on them. With a CRM for small business, you should be collecting and saving information that makes it easier to discover who exactly you are talking to on social media. With that in mind, you can offer them advice that is more specific to their experiences with your company. This shows that you value them as individuals and also allows you to be more relevant in what information and advice you share with them.

Be willing to continue the conversation

Social media can be a great place to open up a platform for people to address the questions and concerns that they have. You will be able to provide some answers but not all, on those platforms, however. They’re simply not well-built for in-depth support processes. As such, while you should give what definitive answers you can in the realm of social media, you should also offer customers to continue the conversation on the phone, through email, or by whatever other customer support apparatus you have installed elsewhere. This way, your customers won’t feel like they can be easily dismissed with a quick answer that might not get down to the meat of their issues.

Don’t forget to personalise your advertising, too

All use of social media is, to some degree, marketing. Even providing customer support on social media is marketing, since you’re doing it in the public sphere and others can see how helpful and gracious your brand is. However, when it comes to using social media solely for marketing, then advertising is what you want to look more closely at. You can personalise your ads on social media, as well. This can be done with the impressive targeting options that many of the most popular platforms have. For instance, you can use ads that specifically retarget customers who have been on certain sections of the website and based your ad campaigns on targeting different demographics with messages more likely to be relevant to them.

Humanise your social media accounts

If you want people to have a human connection with your brand through social media, then you need to let the humans who are running that account come to the fore. A lot of brands mistake this as assuming they have to be funny, but simply writing in a more genuine voice and showing the faces behind the social media accounts can help. You want to ensure that your team follows some policies on appropriate social media use, to some degree, but you should also give them some reign to be personable and to be informal, while still taking customer interactions seriously. Even using some photos of happenings in the office can help to humanise your support team.

You won’t always be able to get the one-to-one connection that you want with your audience on social media. However, the tools above can help you hit that personal note a little more often. This, in turn, can generate a more valuable and emotional connection with your customers, increasing their loyalty and retention chances.

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