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11 Dec

Drop Everything Right Now…Another Round of Social Media News is Here

Ready for your weekly dose of social media news with new social network features your business can start putting into action?  Below, we’ve got some juicy tidbits of information about Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine.  So if you are ready to increase your social marketing expertise, then pull up a chair and get started.

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13 Jun

Three Pinterest Tips for Businesses that Come with Serious Side Effects

Ready to take your Pinterest social media strategy to another level?  Are you ready to crush your competition by implementing some simple social marketing strategies for Pinterest.  Well, if you’ve answered yes, we’ve got three tips for Pinterest to share with your business. However, we do have a word of warning to go with this

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11 Jan

Social Media Content Strategies to Kickstart the New Year

Businesses in Australia looking for social media marketing content tips to improve their social networking and reach more Australian consumers in 2013 have come to the right place.  Well, you’ve started reading the right blog post.  Below, I’ll share four social media content strategies to help you kickstart the new year and boost your social

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17 Dec

What’s Pinterest’s Big Secret?

Turn on the Lights Have you heard about one of the latest releases from Pinterest?  Most likely it’s no big secret for social media marketers or avid users of the photo-pinning social network.  Businesses using Pinterest to promote their products, on the other hand, might still be in the dark.  And with the upcoming holiday

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16 Jul

Pinterest is Evolving into Social Media Marketing’s Next Big Thing

Pinterest is a fast-growing, ever-evolving, important social media marketing channel for businesses.  This is especially true if your target market is mostly female (We’ll discuss these specifics a little later).  To help you better understand this social image-sharing site, we’ve assembled a quick guide to Pinterest.   For the newcomers, we’ve added some background information and

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22 Mar

3 ways to make your business look good on Pinterest

In our ‘three of the best’ series, we address the big social media issues facing businesses like yours.  We share three articles on the week’s topic and pick out our favourite tip or insight from each article. We recently shared three reasons why businesses like yours love Pinterest.  But what do you need to do

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08 Mar

Why businesses love Pinterest

In recent months, online pinboard site Pinterest has captured hearts and minds. Its dizzying ascent has launched a thousand articles and posts extolling its virtues. We feel like we read a new love letter each day. Why do businesses like yours love Pinterest? Here are three of the best articles we’ve read on the benefits

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