Powerful Ways That Social Media is Revolutionising Modern Businesses

It is safe to say that since social media came into existence, modern businesses have not remained the same. Collectively, the world generates over 30 million messages on Facebook alone. But, what if you could make the most out of social media aside from reading messages and news? The growing momentum around the social media domain is revolutionising modern businesses in several ways, and here are four of them.


  • Boosting brand awareness


Entrepreneurs usually strive to expand their brand outreach to cover larger audiences, as it is the best way to mine for potential customers and convert them into high-paying clients. Even for businesses that are located in small towns, gaining a larger following is crucial to their success. Before the internet, many business owners struggled due to limited marketing options. Thankfully, with the invention of social media, advertising has become much cheaper and more effective than ever before. With over two billion people actively using social media every day, it is no wonder that companies are leveraging social media’s wide reach to boost their brand awareness.


  • Gaining a competitive advantage


Competition exists in many industries and is not always a bad thing. Since it is also about survival of the fittest, you will have to do whatever it takes to gain grounds in your sector. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram offer useful tools to stay ahead of your competition. All you need to do is to take good advantage of the marketing features and strategies to move your business closer to the doors of your customers. Since your competitors are most likely using the same platforms as you, you can go the extra mile to monitor their operation styles and learn from them.


  • Fostering engagement


Businesses have realised that having only telephone numbers and email addresses do not suffice for their customers’ support services. But with social media, it has become a lot easier for customers to keep in touch with brands. Today, people spend a lot of time on social media and so putting your business out there makes you more likely to be seen. Companies like Dell Inc have understood this very well and extended their support services to social media. Many companies with global operations such as Freo Group logistics services for example, are also very active on social media – customers can ask for quotes and have their queries answered immediately.


  • Improving public health


The healthcare industry is witnessing revolutionary effects on how it operates, and social media has a hand in that transformation. For example, doctors can now hold Skype meetings with their patients, and public health campaigns now spread like wildfire through social media platforms. Facebook and other social media giants responded well to the Coronavirus outbreak crisis by setting up Covid-19 information centres on their platforms. Therefore, misleading health information can be fact-checked through social networks. 

The bottom line is that the social media revolution is impacting all industries. This change is welcome as businesses can use the innovation to increase their success rates.


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