Rethinking Your Office: 4 Tips Enhance Safety, Savings, and Productivity

The pandemic has fuelled some changes in the world of business that would have taken much longer to develop if not prompted by the current social distancing measures. Your own company might have had to take some time off business or change the way it is run. Now that some workers are slowly returning to the office, it is crucial to provide them with an environment that is safer, healthy, and inspiring. So, investing in rethinking your business office spaces is crucial for your brand’s success. Start from the strategies below. 

Opt for a Remote Workforce

During the past few months, many new companies have come to life. Some of them have embraced the changes that were happening at the time and have opted for a workforce that is fully remote. While you can decide to embrace this change or not, you should think about speaking to your employees. 

You are likely to find out that some of them are happier to work from home. Especially parents with younger kids and professionals who live away from the office will be happy to work from their home offices – at least some days of the week. This can be even more helpful if you are trying to reduce the capacity of your current offices to make them safer.    

Ensure Your Office Spaces Are Clean and Sanitised

If you wish to keep your office space as it is, you might want to introduce stations with hands sanitiser and wipes. In this way, your employers can feel safer and looked after. Ensure masks and other types of PPE are available for them too. 

Additionally, it is recommendable to introduce additional cleaning schedules and routines to ensure that the area is clean and safe at all times.

Opt for Alternative Solutions

Alternatively, you might use the change fuelled by the pandemic to bring a radical development within your own business. So, whether you have been renting offices or you have been looking for free spaces at various co-working stations, you might decide to use a Serviced Office Directory to find your dream office space. 

These environments are high-quality, high-tech spaces that allow you and your team to have a readily available office space whenever they need it the most. You can also personalise your lease and ensure the space you have picked fits the budget and goals of your business. 

Invest in a Greener and Healthier Office Space

There are endless benefits related to making your office space greener and healthier. Of course, going paperless and contactless allow you to add an extra layer of protection that your employees would not be able to count on otherwise. However, you can also save on the cost of electricity, paper, and wastage – which, during these times, can make a substantial difference! 

Bottom Line

Returning to the office is something that many professionals are fearing. Working with them towards finding the best solutions for your company is paramount. So, you can start by asking them whether they prefer to work from home. Changes that you might implement include stations with hand-sanitiser, increased cleaning schedules, and improved office designs. You can also find all this in services offices in your area!


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