Retweet This – Our Creative Twitter Tips Will Take Your Brand’s Twitter Strategy to Another Level

How’s your Twitter for business strategy?  Does your business need a few social marketing tips for Twitter to ensure you are staying one step ahead of your competition?  We’ve got you covered with the following creative tips to add to your social media strategy.

Back to Basics

Before discussing the following creative Twitter tips, we want to make sure your business has a solid understanding on the basics of this social network.  Without this understanding, your brand will not need to worry about tips because you’ll be driving away – rather than attracting – followers.  So, before reading the rest of this blog post, we recommend you take a look at this guide to Twitter etiquette.

Follow the Crowd

Want to create an engaging, viral social media campaign that will grow your Twitter followers and market your brand to the masses?  Implement a creative crowdsourcing campaign using Twitter.  Let your followers come up with your next product/service, marketing slogan, promotion, contest, etc.  Making your social marketing campaigns about your social network followers and fans – instead of your business – is a sure-fire way to get the crowd involved.

Tell a Story

How many times have you heard that marketing is all about telling a story that connects with your target audience?  Use your 140 characters, photos and Vine videos as a storytelling tool.  Don’t worry about telling the complete story in one tweet.  Instead, use multiple tweets to draw in your audience, and consider allowing your followers to join in the storytelling (see the previous tip regarding crowdsourcing) with a fun contest.

Make a List

Does your business use Twitter lists as marketing tools?  Lists help you sort, organise and communicate with segments of your social media audience.  One creative Twitter tip is to use lists to monitor what your prospects and customers are discussing.  This gives you real-time marketing data, allows you to jump on the hot-topic bandwagon, and ensures you are creating content that is retweet-worthy.

Increase Your Odds

The last tip we want to share isn’t necessarily a creative tip for Twitter marketing, but it is perhaps the most valuable tip we are going to share in this post.  If your business wants to increase the odds of its Twitter content being retweeted, then you should be tweeting more photos.  Taking that one step further, you should be uploading images directly to Twitter (not a third-party system like sharing via Instagram) for the most retweets.

Have a creative Twitter tip for business that you would like to share?  We’d love to hear yours.  Please use the comments below to share.

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