Six Social Marketing Strategies that Will Blow Your Mind!

Are you in need of a few new social marketing strategies to spark your social media fire?  Well, it’s a good thing you know where to turn for inspiration and real-world social media marketing strategies.  Here are six ideas your business can start to implement today to enhance your social channels and engage with your social network communities.

Put a Face (and Voice) on It

Want to truly engage your customers and social community?  Go above and beyond the standard Twitter tweet or Facebook photo post.  Start broadcasting live with a YouTube Hangout on Air and put a personality – a face – on your brand and business.

Eyes Wide Open

Whether you call it channel monitoring, social stalking or even active listening; your business needs to take the time to pay attention to what’s happening in the social universe.  This does not mean to just take the time to monitor your brand’s social media channels.  Your business should keep its online eyes wide open and pay close attention to your competitors social accounts, monitor your brand’s name with social searches and dig a little deeper into your followers’ and fans’ likes and interests.


Are you getting ready to launch a new product, begin a new promotion, create a contest or maybe even host an event?  Get to know hashtags and begin to use them to unify your message across multiple social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.  Create a specific, targeted hashtag, promote that hashtag to your social community, ask everyone to use it in their posts and you’ll amplify the reach of your social marketing.

Music to Their Ears

Looking for a platform to reach your customers and prospects – one that your competitors are probably not using?  Take a look (and listen) to Spotify.  The music streaming services features Facebook integration, offers brand apps and gives you the opportunity to showcase your business’s personality, engage your customers and promote your products and services.

Enhance Your Images

Photo sharing is an excellent social media strategy for engaging your customers.  Brands that use visual content on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest can see a much higher social ROI than those that do not.  Instead of using plain photos, start to overlay content to those photos (calls to action, branding messages, etc.) to capture your audience’s attention and get more bang for your buck.

Narrow Your Focus

With the ability to reach hundreds and thousands of people quickly and easily, businesses often forget to use social media to engage customers in one-on-one dialogue.  Take the time to interact with your individual customers from time to time.  Ask them questions and solve their problems.  These small gestures create loyal brand evangelists who will gladly promote your business to their social communities.

Have any tips to add to our list?  Please do so in the comments below.

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