Specialist social media management

Socialface manages social media for business through a unique 4 phase conversation framework which enables us to continue creating interesting and relevant content in line with both larger and immediate business goals.

This defined but flexible process ensures that all posts and interactions are undertaken by reference to the socialface risk management policy, which forms part of your client engagement.

When you join socialface, we’ll take the time to get to know your business and develop a deep understanding of your tone, audience and objectives. That’s part of what we do.

Then, each month, we’ll run through our conversation framework cycle to review and refine your strategy and improve your results.

With socialface, you can focus on running your business while being confident that we’re managing your social media the way you’d want us to.

The socialface 4 phase conversation framework

Conversation framework

Phase 1 – Strategise: Let’s make social media deliver on your business goals

Each month we’ll review the previous month’s activity and plan what you want your conversations to be about the following month.

Because social media for business is entirely different to personal social media, you cannot simply post what you’re up to and assume people will be interested in it.

Understanding your audience, selecting the right social channels and developing a strategy and goals around what you want people to talk about are essential first steps.

We work with your organisation to customise and design a strategy using a range of tools to ensure you get maximum engagement and results on your pages.

Phase 2 – Design & Construct: It’s time to get people interested in your business

Once you have some social media goals that fit with your larger business goals, we’ll set about finding some great conversations your clients will engage with and even share.

This part of the conversation framework is where we construct posts and activity that are most likely to engage your followers. Socialface devises clever and innovative tactics to deliver engaging conversation.

Almost every business has some emotive and interesting conversations to be had with clients and prospects… and we dig deep enough to find them.

A business wanting to promote their renovation services would have little or no engagement just talking about renovations or even discounts and offers. Start talking about design ideas, using Pinterest and engaging people on an emotional level, and their prospects begin to look exciting.

Our job is to see your business through your customer’s eyes and start engaging them in ways that will benefit your business.

Phase 3 – Engage: Making the most of your engagement and teasing out opportunities

Starting a conversation is just the beginning. Once people are interested in what you have to say or share, we’ll keep the conversation going and generate activity by prodding, poking, pushing and pulling it where you want it to go… with your end business goals and brand personality in mind.

Your socialface manager will have an eye on your pages all day, every day so your audience will know you’re engaged and present and you’ll know that your social accounts are actively monitored and moderated all the time.

Phase 4 – Moderate:  How can we generate even more results-focused engagement?

Review and refinement is the last stage of the cycle. The learnings from this phase help ensure your strategy each month is on track.

By analysing the results of the conversations you have and keeping a finger on the pulse with your clients, we can better hone your conversations and activity.

Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of having us as your social face, is that we are on your pages daily, we respond to everything on your behalf and we filter the noise for you.

You’ll be constantly aware of the interactions on your pages and any business opportunities we spot are handed to your team in a timely manner for maximum success.

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