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30 Aug

Five, Fun and Useful Social Media Mobile Apps for Your Mobile Device

What are your favourite social media mobile apps for your smartphone or tablet?  Mobile apps for social marketing and social networks are coming on the scene a blinding speed.  So much so, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the growing numbers of smartphone apps for social media.  We’re going to share a few of

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29 Aug

How to Use the New LinkedIn Company Page Analytics to Your Advantage

Are you using LinkedIn company page analytics to your advantage?  There is no shortage of online content espousing the use of Facebook for business page analytics to improve your business’s social marketing strategy.  However, we usually see a disconnect when it comes to taking advantage of the social media data LinkedIn provides to company pages.

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28 Aug

Social Media Marketing Statistics from Hubspot

Numbers are a great way to educate the social media nay sayers about WHY it’s a must to have an active presence on social media if you are serious about your business progressing. Your customers now choose Where and how they want to interact with you, they look for innovative businesses who are active online.

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22 Aug

Your Business’s Heaping Helping of Hashtag Strategies for Facebook

Has your business began adding Facebook hashtags to its social marketing strategy?  In a previous Facebook for business post, we introduced you to hashtags for Facebook business pages.  Now, we are going to provide you with ways to leverage Facebook hashtags and make them an effective part of your brand’s social media marketing plans. Plan

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15 Aug

Facebook Contests – Your Business Could Be the Big Winner!

What’s the quickest way to gain fans for your Facebook for business page?  No, we’re not talking about paying someone to get your business 5,000 Likes – most of which are fake Facebook accounts anyway.  We’re talking about growing your social media fan base, adding to your email marketing list and gaining goodwill along the

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14 Aug

Three Twitter Tips That You Will Not Read Anywhere Else

Did our headline grab your attention?  Well, that’s great news!  However, our teaser promising three Twitter tips that you will not read anywhere else is not really true.  Do you find that somewhat disingenuous of us?  We’re sorry.  However, there really is a point to it.  We’ll share more on that in a moment. A

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12 Aug

Instagram or Vine – Which is Right for Your Business?

Social media video tools Instagram and Vine allow your business to share creative video clips with your social network communities.  Each of these video-sharing apps has its own set of features and functionality.  So, which is the better social media marketing tool to create and share video content?  Instagram or Vine? We’re not here to

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09 Aug

Getting Going with Google+ – Four Fantastic Tips for Your Business

Does it make sense for your business’s social media strategy to include a strong presence on Google+?  We think so.  But what we think doesn’t necessarily matter. Staying Active What does matter is that Google+ recently ranked as the second most popular social network in terms of active users just behind Facebook and one spot

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08 Aug

Facebook Hashtags – Friend or Foe for Your Business?

Will Facebook hashtags take your business’s social media success to a new level?  Or, are you looking at them as just another time-consuming feature from Facebook that delivers very little ROI for your business?  Simply put, will Facebook hashtags be a friend or foe to your brand? #AlwaysEvolving By now you are undoubtedly aware that

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07 Aug

Selling Social Infographic

Every now and then we stumble across a great infographic….  here’s another one! This one will help you understand the numbers of each social media platform and why each platform may be relevant for  your business.  When it comes to social media management, the most important question to ask when setting up your strategy is

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05 Aug

Are You Up-To-Date on the Latest Social Media News?

The social media landscape changes quickly and often daily.  We know you have a business to run and just don’t have the time to keep up with every new social network update and tool Twitter, Facebook Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other channels add on a regular basis.  Good thing you read our blog.  We don’t

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02 Aug

Fire Up Your Facebook Fans with These Five Photo Posting Tips

Focusing on your Facebook for business photo posting strategy can give your business an edge on your competition.  While it’s true that many brands post photos as part of their social media marketing strategy, most of these businesses do not follow any “best practices” for photo updates to their Facebook business page.  Follow our tips

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01 Aug

Important Social Search Steps to Optimise Three Social Networks for Search

Ignoring social search in your business’s social media strategy means you are missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with your prospects and customers.  With social networks including internal search functions and with consumers spending more time on social media, taking the time to optimise your social networks for search is a no-brainer.  We’re

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31 Jul

Social Media Success Lies Just Ahead When You Go Back to the Basics

Are your social media marketing efforts losing steam?  Do you find yourself and your business trying to implement too many new social network features into your social media strategy at the expense of losing touch with your social community and customers?  Maybe it is time to step back, take a deep breath and get back

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