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05 Jun

5 Ways That Social Media Marketing and SEO Complement Each Other

Right now, it’s been acknowledged that the two most powerful tools, when it comes to marketing a product online are SMM (Social Media Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Whats your specialty? While many marketers focus on one or the other and make it their ‘specialty’, the truth is that the best way to approach

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27 May

Just How Valuable is LinkedIn For Your Social Media Marketing Campaign?

If your business is using or considering using LinkedIn as part of your businesses’ social media marketing (SMM) campaign, then you are definitely headed in the right direction! However, the main thing to consider is how you would utilise this valuable resource to its fullest potential. Just like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and a number of

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13 May

Five Must-Read Twitter Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Searching for small business Twitter tips to help grow your brand’s reach and Twitter followers?  If you answered yes, then these five social media tips are a must-read.  From using the social network for customer service to creative ways to connect with mobile users, our latest social marketing blog post has you covered. Drip Effect

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08 May

Four Power Tips for Instagram Marketing Success in 2014

Want to boost your Instagram for business marketing success in 2014?  We’re going to share four power tips for Instagram marketing which will take your social media marketing to another level.  If you are ready to see your ROI on this photo sharing social network soar, pull up a chair, grab your favourite drink and

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22 Apr

6 Tips to Take Your Twitter for Business Reach to New Heights

Want to see your Twitter for business follower numbers grow by leaps and bounds?  Are you looking for a few tips to ensure your Twitter content reaches a wider audience on the social network.  With all the talk lately about the diminishing Facebook for business reach numbers, we decided to shift gears and share tips

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17 Apr

Five Extraordinary and Effective Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Business

Tired of reading the same social marketing tips on social media websites around the Web?  Here’s five extraordinary and amazingly effective tips for social media marketing that deliver results almost immediately.  Strap yourself in and get ready to grow your business’s social networking efforts! Instant Instagram Upgrade Does your business have a large, active following

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15 Apr

Five Facebook Apps for Business Owners Looking to Increase Social Media ROI

Looking for Facebook Apps for Business Pages to engage visitors, capture contact information, share valuable company content or other important business objectives?  The following five apps for your Facebook Page are a great place to start.  As we can not share all of the best Facebook Apps for Business Pages in this social media marketing

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