Strong Stimuli: Making Your Office Work Better For Your Employees

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The hallmark of a more efficient business is the ability to have every component work in tandem. From the employees to the product to the physical environment, everything needs to work just so. It may not be something we’d consider but the office environment has such an impact on our ability to function that if we are to encourage our employees to work better, or happier, we’ve got to find the best methods to improve this office environment. What are the best ways to do this?

Bring In Natural Lighting

The modern office suffers from problems with harsh lighting. It’s cheaper to have artificial light but if you can bring in natural lighting it will have an impact on your employees’ energy. When you start to factor in your employees’ sleep and energy, the light that they absorb during the day has a major impact. You might want to consider installing natural light bulbs as a general rule. It’s worth consulting a commercial electrician to see if there’s anything you can implement to make the office brighter if you can’t bring in natural light. When our employees don’t get the benefit of sunlight, especially during the winter, we’ve got to think about how they can function better.

Focus On Wellness

When are employees are happier they will work more productively. Wellness could be to do with physical exercise but it can also be about mental and emotional health. A lot of companies allow people to bring in their pets or children when there childcare issues. As such, you may want to consider providing on-site childcare. Wellness isn’t just about giving your employees the opportunity to meditate in a quiet room (but it can help)!

Crucial Productivity Tools Catered To The Individual

Everybody works in their own way. If you set a process and it’s too stifling this can result in reduced productivity. You can encourage autonomy in your employees but also give them the tools to help them work in the way that they see fit. When you look at productivity in terms of time, there are techniques that can help. The Pomodoro method is something that can encourage employees to work with more focus when they are sitting down at the computer but also enjoy adequate breaks. As well we might want to think about tools that minimise distraction. There are numerous white noise programs that can help employees to focus on their work so they aren’t distracted by everybody else in the office. As well, you may want to think about working smarter instead of harder. A perfect example is introducing dictation software. This allows employees to actively engage with what they are writing and not suffer from any form of repetitive strain injury.

To make your office work better you’ve got to consider the environment but also remember that your employee is an individual. Everybody works in their own way. While we have no control over their external circumstances outside of the office if you could work towards making that individual as focused as possible by providing specific stimuli the office will work better and happier. 


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