Supercharge Your Sales with the Help of Social Media Marketing Strategies

Have you been told that social media and sales are not related?  Well, that is not entirely true.  While it is true that business owners should not expect to see the same measurable ROI data from social marketing strategies as they do from their traditional sales efforts, your business can definitely use its social networks to increase sales.

Getting to Know You

Ask any good salesperson what it takes to be successful, and you will most likely hear the word relationships used quite often.  Building trust by nurturing relationships with prospects leads to the final goal of closing the sale.  We’re going to show you how your social media marketing can help.

Get in the Trenches

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or another social network, most brands understand that they need to create engaging content to get their social communities involved.  What many do not understand is that their brand needs to also engage their fans and followers by getting in the trenches.  Reply to comments, retweet interesting tweets, like posts – take the time to engage individuals directly and make them feel like more than a number.

Ask and You Shall Receive

Do you know what your prospects and customers really want?  Here’s a simple way to find out – ask them.  Social media offers your brand the opportunity to ask those who will be buying your products or services exactly what they want to buy.  When they tell you, sell it to them.  Just the simple action of asking shows them you care.

 Ahead of the Curve

Want to really impress your customers, clients and prospects?  Answer their questions and fix their problems before they ever ask a question or need help with an issue.  How do you do that?  Have a regular online video chat on Google+, a special Facebook group or hold a weekly Twitter chat to cover known issues, address questions that continue to come up, share shortcuts and tips, or to just meet regularly and create goodwill with those using your products and services.

Play Hall Monitor

Are you paying attention to what’s being said about your business or brand online?  Use social media monitoring tools and Google Alerts to monitor social channels and online spaces.  If you spot someone complaining about your product/service with a Twitter tweet, Facebook post or through another online channel, reach out to them and solve their problem even if they did not ask directly.  Surprising someone like this could create – not only a customer for life – but a customer willing to become a brand evangelist for your business.

How do you build and nurture relationships with your social marketing efforts and social networks?  If you would like to share, we’d love to hear from you in our comments below.

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