The Growing Risk Of Cybersecurity Breaches

In the past, companies invested the majority of their security budgets on defending their physical property. In today’s world, however, there’s a new commodity with high value: data. And it is providing challenging to defend. 

Many companies would like to invest massively in cybersecurity, but few know where to begin. Currently, there aren’t enough cybersecurity professionals to go around, and a lot of enterprises are having to make do with stop-gap measures, such as using managed service providers. 

The only long-term solution, however, is for every company to have people with knowledge of how to defend hackers. Their role will be not only to secure networks but also to train staff and employees who may fall foul of phishing and ransomware. 

Firms, of course, will need to step up their training. Despite the existence of cybersecurity degrees, universities aren’t yet churning out enough graduates to meet demand. Companies must, therefore, look for ways to train people in-house, giving them the skills that they need to prevent breaches and keep company data safe. 

The following infographic provides some insights into the extent of the problem. It charts some of the most significant breaches we’ve seen over the last five years or so and points out that this sort of thing can happen to anyone. You don’t have to be a big player to be on a hit list. All you need are some valuable data and a weak security perimeter. If you’re like to learn more about this fascinating subject, please read on.

Infographic by University of Alabama Birmingham


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