Things You Need to Consider Before Starting a Signage Business

Wander along any street, and you will see signs everywhere. From road signs to shop signs, signage on vans through to real estate signs – signs are everywhere. While the digital age may have contributed to the decline of some industries, you only need to take a look around to see that signage is still very much in demand. New businesses launch all the time, and each of them requires signage to identify who they are. From banner displays to vehicle graphics, signage is what differentiates businesses from each other, so it is at the heart of a company’s identity.

Starting a business is an exciting time, and your head is probably buzzing with loads of ideas of what running a company will be like. Before you go ahead and take the leap, don’t forget to consider all of the practicalities, as this will help you to make your business the very best it can be. Preparation is at the heart of all successful companies, so taking some time now to plan will be well worth it in the future. Here are some of the points to consider before taking the leap and starting your very own signage business:

Select a Specialism

Before you start buying equipment for your business, you will need to decide on the exact types of signage that you will provide. Are you planning on focusing on vehicle graphics, display signage, or maybe shop signage? You may even want to offer each of these services. Knowing in advance what your specialism is will help you to plan your equipment costs and order in the correct supplies.

Find Business Premises

Choosing business premises is a significant decision for every company. Mostly, your choice of premises will depend on your budget. However, other important to things to consider are location and space.

Do you want to have a workspace that enables customers to stop by, or would you prefer to be tucked away on an industrial estate, and instead arrange jobs over the phone or via email?

You also need to consider the size of the space that you require. Your workspace needs are primarily determined by the equipment that you need, and how many employees that you plan to have. 

Pick a Supplier

To make a success of your signage business, you need to establish a reputation of providing excellent customer service, along with high-quality results. To produce high standard work, it is essential to use the best quality supplies, by choosing a reliable supplier such as so that you can depend on the quality and efficiency of their service.

Get Equipped

Your equipment is likely to be your most significant investment, so you need to make sure you choose the best equipment for the job. Research is vital when selecting equipment to help you avoid expensive mistakes. Reviews and industry publications are a great place to start your research. Don’t forget to keep the maintenance and running costs in mind when making your final decision.


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