Three Reasons Why Your Social Media Campaign is Failing

Your company is up and running and you’re working hard to get your website performing at an optimal level. Alongside that you’ve started working on your marketing campaign and in particular your social media strategy.

The issue is that you don’t seem to be getting much conversion from your social media postings to your website and you need to know what’s going wrong.

In this blog, we’re taking a look at three reasons why your social media marketing isn’t hitting the spot and the changes you need to make to make sure it does.

You’re Looking for the Cheap Fix

While social media tactics can feel like the cheap option, after all it doesn’t cost anything to post on Twitter, chances are that without some investment your posts aren’t going to get you far.

Like it or not, paid for advertising is by far the most effective way to get in front of your customer. Yes, you should back that up with great video and written content but advertising is where you will find your greatest successes at least to begin with. Build up a following, use it for promotions, discounts and so on and consider advertising a smart investment in your social media strategy.

You Hope for Immediate Recognition

When you’re a start-up and not one of the bigger players, your brand recognition is at zero. This is true whether you’re a hardware supplier selling swivel eye bolts or a clothing company selling vintage items. 

They key is to remember that you have no brand loyalty, at least not yet. The job of your social media activities in those early days is to start to build a brand following. You want to start building up some brand recognition, popping up on pages and producing content you know your target audience is interested in. That coupled with the advertising we mentioned above is the bedrock for your social media campaign. Assuming you have a loyal following already is jumping the gun and won’t help you make informed choices.

You’re in the Wrong Place

As tempting as it is to cover all your social media bases, it’s a huge waste of your valuable time and resources if you’re on the wrong page. You might use Facebook yourself but where does your ideal customer hang out. If they’re over on Instagram or Twitter, you’re doing yourself no favours wasting money on ads that won’t attract the customers you need on Facebook.

The best way to determine the correct platform is to find out as much as you can about your clients. Get your market research done and find out where they go and what they do on those pages.

If you’re not sure about how to go about that, consider calling in a marketing company to help. Get your socials right and you’ll soon see hundreds more visitors filtering through to your website and ultimately becoming loyal customers who return to your site and follow your socials time and again.


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