Time to the Face the Facts – Blogs are Social Media Marketing

Blogging often gets left out of the mix when it comes to a business’s social media marketing strategy.  You’ll find brands fussing over finding resources to pour into their Facebook for business page, the Twitter account, Pinterest boards, Google+ and other social networks.  But for some odd reason, blogs are often an afterthought when it comes to social marketing plans.

Certainly Social

For myself, there is no argument that blogs are or are not an integral cog in the social media wheel.  Take a look at your favorite blogs and you will find engagement activities like commenting and social sharing.  I do believe commenting and sharing a certainly social activities.  They certainly are on social networks like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and…well, you get the point.

The Glue

Not only are blogs a cog in the wheel, but many content marketers will tell you that they are the glue that holds an effective social media marketing strategy together.  There are even those that say if you find yourself short of time, then the one thing you must do is create blog content for your brand.  Of course, I would say if you don’t have time for other social networks, then you need to find yourself a solid social marketing agency to take on your social channels.

Macro to Micro

It doesn’t even matter if you believe blogging should be in the category of social media or not.  The simple truth is that your blog should be your content hub.  From this hub, you can then repurpose content into smaller snippets and pieces to fit into your Facebook for business page status updates, Twitter tweets and other social network posts.

Reverse Trend

Once you use small snippets of blog content in your social channels, you can then drive visitors (think leads – think customers!) back to your business blog/website.  You’ve probably heard of the cycle of life.  Well, this could be considered the content cycle of life (and your brand’s life depends on it).

And There’s More

There are many, many more reasons your business must blog and put blogs into your social media plan.  Blogs create a sense of community on your business website, improve traditional seo and social seo rankings, drive sales, improve your reputation as a thought leader in your industry and much more.  This Social Media Examiner article touches on a few of those benefits while also delivering some excellent insight into making your blog your content marketing hub.

So don’t allow your blog to fall by the wayside.  Make it a part of your business’s social media marketing strategy.  That extra effort will pay off big time.  Please share your thoughts below or share our post on your social networks.

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