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27 Mar

Tweeting Fashion: Boohoo

Fashion is all about aesthetics so, inevitably, marketing in the industry is very image-centric. Social media marketing is a huge part of the fashion industry, but how can you coordinate a successful fashion campaign using Twitter? The first thing to realise is that Twitter is always changing and being updated. By staying on top of

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18 Mar

Look Out…Important Social Media Marketing News is Coming Right at You!

You won’t need Interests from Pinterest to let you know that reading our latest social media marketing news is good for your business.  Our latest edition includes social marketing news from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and yes, Pinterest.  So, if you are ready to fill your head with social media knowledge, this is the place to

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11 Dec

Drop Everything Right Now…Another Round of Social Media News is Here

Ready for your weekly dose of social media news with new social network features your business can start putting into action?  Below, we’ve got some juicy tidbits of information about Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine.  So if you are ready to increase your social marketing expertise, then pull up a chair and get started.

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28 Nov

Your Businesses Guide for Acquiring Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers

Does part of your social media strategy focus on growing your social network community.  Acquiring Facebook fans and Twitter followers is not rocket science.  However, many brands don’t spend the energy and effort on a consistent basis to grow their fans and followers.  We’re going to share some real-world, action-oriented tips to help your brand

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19 Nov

Take the Time to Get to Know Twitter Custom Timelines Today

Have you heard about Twitter custom timelines?  If not, then now is your opportunity.  This new social media marketing tool is going to give businesses creative new ways to reach their social network community.  We’re going to show you how. New on the Scene Recently, Twitter shared a new feature – the ability to create

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01 Feb

Venture into Social Video with Vine from Twitter

Have you heard the news?  Twitter recently released a new service for sharing short videos.  For now, the Vine video sharing app is only available as a download for Apple iPhone and iTouch users.  But even with those restrictions, your business should take a look at adding Twitter’s Vine to its social marketing strategy.  Ripe

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