What Do Your Employees Need From Your Office?

In designing the office for your workplace, what did you place as top priority? Maybe you wanted enough space to maximise on? Maybe you wanted a quiet place to work, that was built with noise reduction in mind? Or maybe you wanted a nice downtown location, to capitalize on transport links and potential footfall, and nothing else really mattered?

But no matter what you wanted in your initial office plan, your idea for the workplace probably needed some tweaking in reality. After all, the practicality of your office’s setup is what matters beyond all else, and your employees will let you know it! Which means it’s always best to design the office’s interior with your employees in mind. 

They’re the ones who are going to be using the space 8 hours a day, 5 times a week, and that’s important to keep in mind. So, why not take time to head back to the drawing board, and think about some ways to boost employee morale and wellbeing? Indeed, this can be done with some simple tricks, which we’ve listed below for you. 

An Encouraging Amount of Creativity

Want to know a secret? Inspiring creativity in your employees can be done via the layout and general design of your office. Creativity is something we all have inside us, but we need the world around us to help bring it out. And in order to make your workplace a nice place to be, you’re going to have to take this principle to heart. 

That means you’ll need to make good use of art, natural life, as well as colour theory and creative design principles. If a person is surrounded by motivating imagery, including quotes from the greats, they’re much more likely to get pumped up at work. They’ll be in the mood to work harder and smarter, and that goes a long way to inspiring creative solutions to the tasks you set! 

Similarly, if your office feels like it’s full of life, with plenty of colour, texture, and warm lighting, it’s going to be a nice place to be no matter who you are. It’s not going to feel like an empty and cold space, that’s been whitewashed in the name of ‘professionalism’. Add a bit of personality to your walls, and your employees will thank you for it. 

A Comfortable Place to Work

If your employees don’t feel comfortable when they’re at work, they’re not going to be as happy or motivated as they possibly could be. Now this feeds into longer task times, poorer work quality, and general unhappiness around the office – this is just not a good type of environment to foster! 

So you’ll want to focus on ways to boost employee satisfaction within your office. This can be done in many different ways, so you won’t run out of options to work with! For example, do you work in a particularly hot place? Why not get in touch with a company like MTA Australasia for an Air-Con installation? If it’s a notoriously cold place, think about the types of insulation you could invest in. 

Similarly, think about making good use of ergonomic furniture, such as chairs and standing desks, to help your employees focus on their health and wellness during work hours. Maybe you should think about getting a water cooler placed? Or indeed, fit drink options such as a coffee machine in the break room? Make it easier for your employees to address their needs, and company motivation will increase by tenfold. 

A Proper Cleaning Routine

If your employees feel like they’re working in a rundown office, where cleanliness is clearly not valued, they’re not going to be very happy to work for you! It really is as simple as that – your workplace needs to be clean, and be cleaned on a daily basis, to prevent grime from building. And in the working world, that mess and grime builds fast. 

After all, office footfall is notoriously high. People are in and out all day long, and that can leave grubbiness all over the place. Wasted paper, wasted bottles, a mess in the office kitchen, mugs to wash, floors to wipe footprints off of, and let’s say nothing of the toilets! All of this means you’re going to need a dedicated cleaning team on the payroll, to ensure your office is a clean and healthy place to be, without needing any extra toil from you. 

It might also be a good idea to put some rules in place as well. For example, leave no waste on the desk before leaving, or place hand sanitizer bottles in each cubicle. However, make sure you’re allowing employees to follow their own lead on these kinds of regulations. Cleanliness rules need to help keep the workplace clean, but they also need to be practical for the employees who have to follow them. 

A Good Network System

How reliable is your office wifi? Is there always a strong, fast connection? Or do you often have to wait out the signal going down? Does this lead to long periods of downtime that cost you a lot in productivity? Which in turn, costs you a lot in profits? And let’s not mention just how annoying the wifi cutting out can be! 

Your employees might be furious if they have to sit and wait for hours on end for any internet connected programs to come back online, and that definitely needs more focus from you. 

You need to think about your network needs here. It’s a good idea to look into getting some kind of dedicated behind-the-scenes support, but you could also simply think about upgrading your wifi package to a better level. You need fast and always connected internet on your side, if only to prevent your employees from raging when it cuts out again in the middle of the day. 

Your employees need a lot of guarantees from your office. Make sure you can give them what they really need. 

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