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Socialface is all about conservation and engagement. Our team and partners live and breathe social media and digital marketing and have wide ranging experience across business, marketing, digital and sales.

Shona Mackin

Shona Mackin our Chief Engagement Officer

As the title suggests Shona runs our engagement team and brings a wealth of real-world experience to the art of managing Social Media accounts. She will be the first to admit that every client is different and that our secret lies with engaging with our clients so we can then help them engage more effectively with their customers and/or fans. Shona is an entrepreneur who has extensive experience running facebook business pages for her own previous businesses and as a consultant for the past 11 years. Over that time we have worked out what works and how to get the best results online. Shona is a talker, can have her arm twisted if there is fun to be had. Random Fact: Shona has a degree in dance, provide epic training in discipline, which filters through ensuring our clients are ready to run the social marathon and build results for the long term.


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